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Shinko 546/525 Tire

$73.95 USD

  • Most tires ship within 4- business days when ordered separately. While we do our best to keep our website up-to-date, inventory is not guaranteed! If the tire is backordered, we will contact you with other options. If concerned about inventory, please email us to verify availability before placing your order.

    The Shinko 525 Cheater and the 546 provide excellent traction in a variety of terrain types. Front knobs on the 546 use a 45° knob pattern for a better biting edge when cornering and better braking stability.

    If ordering a 1.40" rim on your Woody's Wheel, rim locks will not be available.

    Also, please note that some sizes are not compatible with Nuetech Tubliss or 'heavy duty' tubes. If you are interested in the NitroMousse Minis for your 19/16" setups, please inquire here.

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