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    Woody's spoked motorcycle wheels provide the strength and durability that you need to repetitively absorb off-road impacts without succumbing to the rigors of the trail.

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- Attaboys -

  • "I’ve got Woody's Wheels on my DR650. With their hubs too. If you folks could see the insane beating they have taken in the last 18 months I’ve been traveling (am in Southern Argentina now) and they are still dead true. Not one loose spoke. Not one dented rim. And the rear has been hit by cabbies in Mexico and Peru! Jerod has the touch. Woody has the designs. And they make you feel like family, which you are once you’re a customer."

    Daniel Byers

  • "They are THE BOMB! I have the Dakar wheel set and have hit rocks while off-road at 40-50 and heard that dreaded metal smack. I expected a flat was soon to follow. Nope. No taco, no dent, not even a scratch. They are THE wheels for any serious off-roadie."

    Brad Clere

  • "Woody's Denver, CO shop is one of a handful of places in the USA with the expertise & technical equipment to repair BMW's wire wheels. Woody worked his magic on Jay's wheels, which were repaired, trued & returned promptly. The GS rides like new without the excessive wallet damage replacement stockers would have incurred."

    James Parchman
    Rider Magazine

  • "Having been treated to the full factory tour, I can vouch that a spectrum of wheels with which we came into contact—whether undergoing restoration or being custom-built from scratch—were reconditioned if not assembled with acute attention to detail.  Centering stays critical throughout the process. 

    Due to the comprehensive pre-seating process, the customer will not need to tighten the spokes again.  Herculean strength and longevity in each wheel come as standard, and because absolute trueness is achieved on top, precise handling of the motorcycle alongside minimal wear to the tires and brakes, naturally follow suit."

    Lisa Morris
    Two Wheeled Nomad

  • "Thanks to your support the KillaJoule made a successful shake-down and established the first World Record for Electric Sidecar Streamliner Motorcycle. Thank you! You guys are the best when it comes to wheels, I have never seen better balanced wheels."

    Eva H.
    KillaCycle Racing

  • "In the beginning - Woody made the Wheels...and what a set of wheels they are. Woody's Wheel Works has put together the most awesome set of BMW Wheels known to mankind...these things are SO LIGHT and so strong too. Can you tell I'm excited?"

    AdvRider Member

  • "The wheels are art. Seriously. I have rarely seen wheels that make me swoon, but Nita's new wheels are gorgeous. And best of all they're totally functional! Beauty that works. It was a dream come true."

    Issa & Nita B.

  • "I've been racing my Triumph powered bike at the Bonneville Speedway on the Salt Flats in Utah for the past 2 years, and the wheels have worked flawlessly. The faster I run, the smoother they seem to run! I would recommend Woody's Wheel Works to anyone that rides whether it's racing or on the street."

    George Nachtsheim
    Old Age & Treachery Land Speed Racing, #193B

  • "I finally got home and looked at the wheel. It is FANTASTIC! Gorgeous work. My HP2 may just look too good with this baby on it. Built like a tank and very lightweight for the size. The Superlite Hub should be put on every wheel you build. I just want to thank you & the Woody's team for building this beauty. Expect more orders from me in the future. Well done!!"

    John T.

  • "Your wheels did great, never one issue the whole Baja 500! Strong and they looked terrific! Thanks Woody's!"

    Chuck Shortt
    Rsenal Racing

  • "Yeah Woody's! Superlaced, 1.6 front with a Tublis, also Superlaced. Ran a 140/70 Mefo K60 11,500mi from Frankfurt to Ulaan Bator. The Mefo still hasn't hit the wear bars! I'm 230lbs in gear and had 50lbs of luggage. Much improved handling in sand, mud, gravel, etc over the OEM."

    AdvRider Member

  • "Well it was bliss when the rear wheel went through deep puddles...my helmet could not contain my smiles! Awesome job, the bike feels like a different animal in many great ways. Again, great work! This weekend was so awesome on and off road with the wheels. Can't wait for this weekend."

    Chris M.

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