BMW R1200GS/A & HP2 (Oil-Cooled) Complete Wheels

BMW R1200GS/A or HP2 (Oil-Cooled) Rear Wheel - 17x4.25"

$1,312.92 USD

This rim size is the closest to OEM as you can get, and still allows for use of a 150/70-17 tire. Increase overall maneuverability and strength, as well as reducing unsprung weight with this slightly lighter wheel (~1.5-2lbs). This wheel features:

  • 17x4.25" Excel rim (silver, black, or gold)
  • Superlaced wtih heavy duty stainless spokes/nipples
  • Woody's billet Superlite hub
    • anodized any color of your choice, options seen here
  • Sealed for tubeless

This wheel is a great pair for either the 19x2.50" or 21x2.15" front

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