Tubeless Motorcycle Wheels

August 04, 2022

Yamaha Tenere 700 Wheel, Sealed for Tubeless

Tubed vs Tubeless wheels. Still a hot debate in the moto-community today, even though we've been building or sealing wheels for tubeless for many years now. So, what is the big deal? We've written out a couple of points below for you to consider:

    • Trailside / Roadside repairs. Do you want to be able to plug a punctured tire and drive on? Tubeless wheels are fast and easy to repair in the event of a puncture.
      • We do recommend that you still carry a tube in the event of a sidewall tear or other kind of blow out. Concerned about weight? Consider carrying only a front tube. In a pinch, most front tubes will work in either wheel to get you off the trail. Be sure to change that tube out for a proper size when you get back to civilization!
    • Do you like to air down in pressure? If so, then tubeless isn't the best idea. Tubed wheels fitted with a rim lock are highly recommended for those that do air down. If you are on a large ADV bike, then you really shouldn't air down too much anyway. Not only are you more likely to incur some sort of incident, like the tire bead slipping off the rim, but you increase the chances of damaging your wheel.
      • Note: Some riders still do and manage not to roll the tire off the bead. It comes down to a personal choice of safety and security.
    • Whether you think tubeless is the way of the future, or it is all hype, there is one thing that is certain: Tubeless wheels are here to stay for the foreseeable future! More and more brands are going to tubeless wheels, with some industry leaders paving the way (BMW, KTM, Harley Davidson, etc.).
    Concerned about your OEM wheels quality and longevity? You are not alone! See here why we recommend upgrading your wheels to our custom built wheels for the longest lasting and best quality wheels available!

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