Yamaha Tenere 700 Front - 21x1.60" (Tube-Type Only)

$844.92 USD

The ultimate wheel for the off road racer / enthusiast. The 21x1.60" Excel A60 is the strongest and narrowest 21" wheel available on the market for the T7, and offers the strongest build for your off road needs. This wheel features the following:

  • Excel Rim 21x1.60
    • Choose between Excel A60 (Excel's strongest rim), or the Excel Takasago
    • Cannot be sealed for tubeless
  • Billet hub, anodized any color of your choice
    • Options seen here.
  • Heavy duty stainless spokes/nipples

The 21x1.60" rim makes the 90/90-21 tire have the most rounded profile of the 21" rim sizes, meaning that the sidewall is pushed out over the lip of the rim, offering better rim protection and improved maneuverability in serious off-road conditions. Best paired with either the 18x3.00" or 18x2.50" rear wheel. If interested in the narrower 18x2.15" A60 to match this wheel, please contact us directly.

Note: The photos shown may not represent the actual wheel for this model. Meant for visual representation only.

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