Nuetech Tubeliss Kit

$99.00 USD

Current lead time is 7 business days plus delivery.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer interested in going tubeless? The Nuetech system for dirtbikes & enduros utilizes two different pressure zones to protect your rim and increase traction with low pressure capabilities. The Nuetech Tubeliss Kit includes red Tubliss liner, black high pressure bladder, guide plate, rim tape & plug, sticker and installation manual.

Benefits of the Nuetech Tubeless Kit include:

  • traction gains & plusher ride with low pressure capabilities
  • no more pinch flats
  • plug tires in seconds for speedy on-trail repairs
  • proper installation & maintenance translates to many years of use
  • better wear & increased tire life

Sizing & Weight:

  • 18" Kit fits rims 18x1.85-2.15" - weighs 1lb.13oz. including rim lock
  • 19" Kit fits rims 19x1.85-2.15" - weighs 1lb.14oz. including rim lock
  • 21" Kit fits rims 21x1.6" - weighs 1lb.12oz. including rim lock

The Nuetech Tubeliss System requires two holes in the rim for the high pressure and low pressure valves.

We can install your kit for $50 per wheel, tire required. Please contact us if interested.

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