Dunlop Geomax MX34 Tire

$68.85 USD

  • The Dunlop MX34 has replaced the MX33. It is not available in 90/100-18 size for rear Sur Ron LBX & Talaria MX3/MX4 at this time.

    the MX34 offers improved traction across a wider spectrum of terrains to keep you glued to the track or trail no matter what conditions you encounter. The MX 34 features improved mud evacuation technology that keeps your knobbies as clean as possible, even in the nastiest muddy conditions. Using a new carcass material, increased cornering stability was achieved, even towards the end of longer, more demanding racing and riding conditions. 

    The PCBT (Progressive Cornering Block Technology) improves grip in medium terrain conditions where other tires tend to lose traction. With the MX34, traction off the starting gate and while powering out of corners will have you sliding back in the seat wishing you had an early 2000s seat bump to keep you off the rear fender. With a center block that is 11% taller and around 44% wider than on the MX33, soft loamy corners won't stand a chance. 

    Installation is included with the purchase of tire(s) and wheel(s).

    Nuetech Tubliss system is available for 21" and/or 18" tires.  Not available for 19" and/or 16" tires. 

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