BMW R1250GS, R1200GSW/GSWA 19/17 OEM Wheel(s)

$1,249.00 USD

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Update January 2022: We do not have any used rear hubs, so the rear wheel will be built with a new hub and that is why more expensive.  

Looking for a spare set of wheels for your BMW? Built upon order, NEW 19x3.00" front rim and/or NEW 17x4.50" rear rim are cross-laced to good used hubs with good used spokes and nipples. Fits the R1250GS, R1200GSW/GSWA/GSW Rallye (water cooled) bikes. These wheels have trued to our tolerances. Wheels do not include rotors, tires or sensors (email us for these options). Wheel(s) come with:

  • NEW gold BMW OEM 19x3.00 front rim
  • NEW gold BMW OEM 17x4.50 rear rim
  • Used black BMW OEM Hubs
  • Used spokes and nipples, cross-laced

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