BMW R1250GS, R1200GSW/GSWA 19/17 OEM Wheel Set

$1,250.00 USD

Looking for a spare set of wheels for your BMW? These gold BMW cross laced OEM tubeless wheels are in great condition. The NEW 19x3.00" front rim and NEW 17x4.50" rear rim are crosslaced to good used hubs with good used spokes and nipples. Fits the R1250GS, R1200GSW/GSWA/GSW Rallye (water cooled) bikes. These wheels have trued to our tolerances. Wheels do not include rotors, tires or sensors. Wheels come with:

  • NEW gold BMW OEM 19x3.00 front rim
  • NEW gold BMW OEM 17x4.50 rear rim
  • Used black BMW OEM Hubs
  • Used spokes and nipples, crosslaced

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