BMW R1250 & R1200 Superlite Front 19" Wheel - OEM Size

$1,371.28 USD

  • Please allow for a 2-4 week build time for this wheel set. Each wheel is custom made by hand.

    This 19 inch front Superlite Wheel fits the BMW R1200GSW/GSWA & R1250GSW/ADV. The black 19x3.00" front is built with Excel 7000 Series Rim, and Superlaced to Woody's black Superlite Hub with heavy duty stainless steel spokes and nipples.

    Retain OE tire sizes while increasing your wheel's overall strength with Woody's 19 inch Superlite wheel, saving about 4 pounds of un-sprung weight.  

    If you doing a lot of off-road riding, we recommend the narrower 19x2.50", seen here

    If you want Brake Rotors & ABS ring as well, see here



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