BMW R1200GS (LC) / R1250GS Superlite Wheelset - OEM Sized 19/17"

$2,889.28 USD

Retain OE tire sizes while increasing your wheel's overall strength with Woody's 19/17 Superlite set for the R1250GS & R1200GS.

19x3.00" & 17x4.50" Excel Rims are Superlaced to Woody's billet Superlite Hubs designed specifically for the R1250GS and R1200GS water-cooled models.

If you go hard off-road, then we recommend going with 19x2.50" Front rim and can do for the same price.  You can use the OEM 120/70-19" or narrower 110/18-19" tire on this rim.

These wheels do come sealed for tubeless.


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