Aftermarket TPMS Sensor BMW R1200GS, R1200GS (LC), R1250GS

$39.00 USD

Most sensors ship within 1 business day.  If not in stock, lead time is 5 business days plus delivery.

Note: Not compatible with 2021+ R1250GSs.

The OEM TPMS sensors are quite expensive.  We have found these aftermarket TPMS are a great alternative.  We will "wake-up" the TPMS before sending to you and provide you with the Hex code number.

Two ways to sync without having to go to dealer, if at least one of your current sensors is working/registering:

1) Install one wheel on the bike, start engine in Neutral. Remove the valve core of the wheel with the Aftermarket TPMS.  This should create an emergency signal that will link up the sensor with the Computer.  Install the valve core, and fill to desired pressure.  If it syncs.  Repeat this with the other wheel.

2) If you install one wheel on the bike, and drive motorcycle about 10 miles, then it should recognize the sensor.  Then you would install the other wheel and the computer should see it in about 10 miles. 

If the above does not work and you do not have a GS-911 tool to troubleshoot, then you would need to go into BMW dealer, to have them sync with the computer.  In our experience, they will be able to do so without issue. 

The TPMS sensor is designed for use with tubeless wheels, one sensor per wheel is required.

Please provide your bike's year, make & model. 

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