Africa Twin 19x2.50" Front Wheel

$889.92 USD

This 19" front Superlite wheel is set for those that do more highway touring, but still like to ride some dirt inbetween.  Get a more planted feel on the highway with this smaller diameter front wheel. Fits a 110/80-19 front tire, and is best paired with the 17x4.25" rear wheel. 

This wheel features the following:

  • 19x2.50" Excel Rim
  • Billet Hub, anodized any color of your choice.
    • See color options here.
  • Superlaced with stainless spokes and nipples

This wheel is built with the off road rider in mind. The upgraded Excel rim offers superior strength and durability to the OEM, and is the only center-laced rim in the 21" size that has the capability of being sealed for tubeless. 

Fits both the CRF1000 and non-cross spoked CRF1100 front wheels.

Note: The photos may not show the wheel built in this specific size. Is meant for visual color representation only.

Also note: If you have the CRF1100 model with the X-laced wheels, these wheels will NOT be compatible.

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