Motorcycle Tires

At Woody's Wheel Works, we take the time to do the job right.  We pay close attention to not damage your rim during installation. We also check your wheel for straightness and inspect the bearings. Leading brands & microbrands like Michelin, Heidenau, Metzeler, MotoZ, Dunlop and more are offered at an affordable price. We can talk options with you to figure out the best tire for your riding style.



Dismount, Remount & Balance

Already bought new tires but need us to install them? Bring ‘em down, we don’t discriminate! If you’re bringing wheels off the bike, it’s first come first serve. If you’re bringing in your whole bike please text or call 1-303-578-9599 to book an appointment. We offer while you wait service, but our preference is that you drop it off. Typical turnaround is same day or next day. Not in a rush? Leave your bike with us for a few days, no storage fee.

Don't Have a Tire?

We carry some tires and most tubes or can order whatever you need with a 2-3 day turnaround. Our knowledgeable staff can set you up right, text or call 1-303-578-9599. Checkout some of our great tire deals by clicking here!

Got a Nail in your Tire?

We can fix your leaky tire with a T-patch. We've been repairing tires for decades with great success. During any type of repair, we also inspect your wheel to make sure everything is in good shape. We will let you know if your wheel could use some TLC or part replacement.

Thinking About Going Tubeless?

Some benefits of going tubeless including reduced risk of blowouts, less unsprung weight and simplified tire repair. Give us a call or text at 1-303-578-9599 and we can discuss your options.

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