Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Tire

$102.90 USD

  • Most tires ship within 1-4 business days when ordered separately. If not in stock, we'll let you know once ordered. 

    Michelin's Starcross 5 Medium is a high performance MX tire for medium-hard terrain, and is up to 10% lighter than it's previous generation thanks to high density materials. The Starcross 5 is made with CCT (Comfort Case Technology) that gives it a plush feel, despite being made of harder materials. The MX33 pairs well with Woody's Wheels for Sur Ron e-bikes.
    We offer installation for tire and wheel purchases. Nuetech Tubliss systems or inner tubes and rim locks are available for tire security during low pressure riding. Rim Locks are highly recommended! (Note: Nuetech systems come with a rim lock)

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