Complete Wheels

Sur Ron X Front Wheel 18" - "Street Tracker"

$540.24 USD

  • Please allow for a 4-6 week build time. Each wheel is custom made by hand. Unprecedented supply chain disruptions have delayed some supplies. We expect these delays to be temporary, but cannot guarantee timeframes. As parts come in, orders will be filled chronologically with priority based on the date of purchase.

    The 18x1.85" or 18x2.15" Front Woody's Wheel for the Sur Ron X/LB/SB electric bikes and Segway dirt e-bikes features a 18" Excel Rim custom laced to Woody's black billet hub with Supersized spokes and nipples. Pair this with an 18" rear wheel, and be prepared to rip through city trails with amazing flickability and maneuverability!


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